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Start your journey to your higher self, right here with us at Glimpses of the Soul. Growing, healing, evolving, Glimpses of the Soul helps you connect at a deeper level with your soul, your higher self, If you are unhappy but don’t quite know why, you just feel this is not it, then here is where you can discover your true self. 

How many of us are truly living a life that meets our real inner needs? How many of us can correctly identify those needs? All of our programs, events and services are tools designed to assist you to quieten your mind, identify your true needs, change unhealthy life patterns and bring your life in alignment with your true self.

Minus 6 in 365

I weighed myself and I have put on 100 grams so I am minus 0.9 I know what it was it was yesterday’s 6 meals and the pineapple  dessert Ok so this week I shall bring on my A game which means I cut back on the cheese […]

I ate a lot today, I planned to eat less and to have an early dinner, it didn’t quite work out that way, I consciously have no idea 💡 why but when I plan to eat less I usually end up eating more, My aunt made this delicious […]

Minus 6 in 365

Weigh-day is tomorrow and I’m getting nervous, I haven’t exactly exercised or made much of an effort towards losing weight Yesterday I was at Marks and ate a jacket potato  with baked beans and cheese  That’s one of my favourite dishes to cook in London for my mom […]

Minus 6 in 365

Do you feel free with food? When you put something in your mouth, is it because it’s healthy or because it tastes good, or something inside you just wants to fill a hole or an emptiness, or deep down you don’t want to feel something or acknowledge how […]