Day 13

I ate a lot today, I planned to eat less and to have an early dinner, it didn’t quite work out that way, I consciously have no idea why but when I plan to eat less I usually end up eating more, My aunt made this delicious pineapple dessert and I had 2 helpings I couldn’t resist Not just dessert but I think I had 6 meals in the day A part of me is whispering self sabotage….. What am I avoiding feeling? Am I avoiding feeling anything? What was different about today compared to other days?

I was sitting with a family friend whom I met after many years and I was telling him how much I missed my mom and kids here in London, as the words came out I realised how true it was, London is just half the fun without them, I really do miss them Could be missing them made me eat…. don’t have a definite answer but it would be nice to go back to the conscious way of eating I have been sticking to this week

I have increased my Fitbit target to 10000 steps a day from 8000, my uncle told me that’s the bare minimum, if one wants to lose weight it should be 15000 – 20000 Well in Mumbai that means me daily one hour walk now is a must !! My cousin mentioned that even if every hour I did 10 jumping jacks it would go a long way to boost my metabolism Hmmm Not happening…..

July 17,2017
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  1. The human body stores fat when reserve fuel is needed. You can burn fat instead of vitamins and minerals. It is akin to someone consuming water to cut body weight. When your body senses it has an over-abundance of something, it does what it needs to remove it.

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