Day 12

Weigh-day is tomorrow and I’m getting nervous, I haven’t exactly exercised or made much of an effort towards losing weight Yesterday I was at Marks and ate a jacket potato with baked beans and cheese That’s one of my favourite dishes to cook in London for my mom and kids, eating it took me back to some fond memories I miss having my family here with me Today I had lunch with my journey friends Judy and Harshini, their advice is that I must think to myself, “I am shedding my weight, not losing it”, the change in words make a big difference. Losing the weight implies a loss of something valued, so your body will try and gain it back So I am going to shed 6 kgs

Judy and I attended the Stop the Food Fight program together 3 years ago, and she went for the last 2 years as well, she looks great, she looks like she’s really taken charge of her food, she weighs herself everyday and observes what works and what doesn’t work for her, and I think that is amazing

One thing I have noticed if I stay up at night I end up eating I slept at midnight and ended up eating olives and cheese If I could force myself to sleep on time, not only would I have more energy the next day, but I would weigh much lighter⁠⁠⁠⁠ too!! If I could get myself to sleep on time, not force myself, it’s the words, they make all the difference.

July 13,2017
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