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Hi! My name is Mana, and this is my story. An unhappy marriage, a messy divorce, seeing my kids struggle after the divorce, I was left with feelings of anger, guilt and disappointment. I needed help, I did not know what to do with what I was feeling and how to move forward. My mother then noticed a lump in my throat, a part of my thyroid had enlarged. I prayed for help to understand what was going on with me, then a friend of mine gifted me ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays. Reading it I began to understand why my body had developed this lump, how I had become an emotional eater over the years, how I would rather stuff down my emotions with food than feel my emotions that were to painful, I learnt the connection between our not feeling our emotions and physical disease. I did a Journey session and felt lighter, Brandon talked about how one could experience one’s soul in a Journey session, being a spiritual person I wanted to experience my soul so I did the Journey Intensive program, I ended up doing all 7 programs through the course of a year and now I am an accredited Journey Practitioner.
While married my family was my universe, after my divorce a strong fear of loneliness gripped me, I got into relationships I would normally never get into, through my healing, this fear has left me, gone, vanished, not a part of my personality anymore, now I am learning to feel my loneliness and other emotions I would normally have avoided feeling in the past, I feel them and let them pass through, not stick inside my body.
One of my coping mechanisms is food, there were some emotions that did not feel safe for me to feel, I was not able to feel the love of my partner or my mother the way I wanted, and I turned to food to fill that void, as a child I was very sensitive, my pet name was Telly, short for Television, my building friends would touch me and I would cry, they would switch me on and off. They laughed at my sensitiveness and that was painful for me, somewhere I decided it was not safe to feel my emotions and I shut down, stopped feeling my emotions. In what ways have you shut down to life, to your emotions?
I attended a healing program that deals with food issues, called Stop The Food Fight. There I learnt to how to re wire my brains, to feel the emotions like shame, guilt, acceptance of failure of my marriage, pain I felt in my marriage, accept, let go and healing happened, I learnt how to take an unhealthy behaviour like bingeing, look at my belief systems that kept it alive, feel emotions that I didn’t want to feel in the past and turn it into a healthy behaviour, my bingeing has reduced, I still reach out for that chocolate or chip but much much less, if presented to me I still once in a while eat it, but my journey to freedom has definitely begun, I love eating from a place of freedom, most of the time now I eat out of choice not need and that for me is huge. I love writing about this transformation, come read my journal and discover yours along the way.
Like me, millions of people around the world are using the Journey tools to heal themselves – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Today I am a much happier person, I know my life’s purpose, I feel more connected to my soul, I enjoy every moment of my life, I love spending quality time with my kids, am passionate about growing my environmental company, absolutely adore this space of healing, I work with my clients intuitively and its awesomely awesome, my soul actually talks to me through my intuition, guides me, the more I trust the universe the more magic happens, I assist in Journey programs in India and just fall in love with this work every time I see people transform during these programs, I am deeply grateful to my teachers at The Journey: Brandon Bays, Kevin Billett, Debra Billett, Bet Diening-Weatherston, my friend and mentor Anita Anand and Rangana Choudhuri, deeply grateful to them for helping me in this Journey of self discovery, to a happier me.


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