Day 10

So I joined a belly dance class back home I love my teacher and I love to dance if your body has a weight problem teach it to dance it’s like a 5 min walk from home I’m on my way to buy some hip belts cause here’s the thing The class is in a studio with mirrors on 2 sides, it forces one to see oneself And honestly I look ridiculous right now I’m overweight I don’t know the moves though my teacher says that has nothing to do with it But to me it does If I don’t look good I don’t feel good, I did about 5 6 classes before I came to London and each time I found out what clothes suit me more, once I wore 3/4th track pants noooooo I have big calves so it just looks awkward, full track pants looked much better So I looked online and found these amazing Bollywood type skirts that I’m thinking I could dance in with my hip belt I’m the biggest one in size in the class and I believe it will motivate me to lose weight, cause I just love an audience and one needs a flatish belly to belly dance and my belly is anything but flat I’m in the bus and it started raining and I never carried a umbrella now aah the rain stopped how I love London weather

July 11,2017
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